Month: July 2009


By Dr. Nicole Freels / July 29, 2009 / Comments Off on We are EXPANDING!

LexPodiatry is extremely proud to announce that we are expanding! We now have a second location in Berea, Kentucky! If you can’t make it by our Lexington location, feel free to make an appointment at our Berea office. Give us a call at: 859-264-1141 for an appointment. Our address for Berea, KY is:   Saint…

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Is Your Foot Fit For Your Flop?

By Dr. Nicole Freels / July 8, 2009 / Comments Off on Is Your Foot Fit For Your Flop?

Any shoe that makes that telltale flip, flip, flip sound is letting you know that injury is almost inevitable. Flip-flops don’t properly support your arches, and they strain your toes by keeping them in constant grip mode. Even a slight misstep can lead to a fracture or sprain, and if you wear them for more…

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Are You a Diabetic?

By Dr. Nicole Freels / July 8, 2009 / Comments Off on Are You a Diabetic?

One in four Americans will develop foot complications due to their diabetes. Properly fitted shoes are essential for reducing these risks. Dr. Comfort shoes are created from the world’s finest leathers and are specifically designed for the diabetic foot. The cost of comfort is priceless. Medicare or your private insurance carrier may cover the costs…

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