Month: May 2010

Man Up

By Dr. Nicole Freels / May 28, 2010 / Comments Off on Man Up

Men and women have some similarities in their foot problems, but they also have a number of differences. I thought I would get the men out there thinking about what some of the differences might be. Let’s admit it guys, we usually tend to wait too long to seek medical care. We avoid our medical…

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High Blood Pressure & Your Feet

By Dr. Nicole Freels / May 6, 2010 / Comments Off on High Blood Pressure & Your Feet

As a member of the health care team, I am very concerned about hypertension (high blood pressure) and vascular disease (heart and circulatory problems). There are several reasons for this concern. First, because you are a patient, your podiatric physician and surgeon areI am interested in all aspects of your health and your treatment program.…

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Why Do Shoes Matter?

By Dr. Nicole Freels / May 3, 2010 / Comments Off on Why Do Shoes Matter?

You walk on your feet every day, forcing them to support the weight on your body. Repeated stress on your feet can cause damage over time. The right shoes can help protect your feet. The wrong shoes may cause more problems. Women are more prone to foot problems because fashions such as high heels and…

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