Foot Tips

By Dr. Nicole Freels / April 24, 2020

Protecting your feet is so critical to your overall health, but it is often times overlooked. April is Foot Health Awareness month, so we are sharing our top 10 foot tips that you can follow to keep your feet happy and healthy! These are great tips for anyone, whether you’ve been monitoring your foot health…

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Melanoma or Hematoma? Everything You Need to Know

By Dr. Nicole Freels / April 16, 2020

One of the most critical pieces of advice that we, as podiatrists, can give our patient population is to perform daily foot checks and evaluations. By performing this simple daily task and paying close attention to your feet, you can identify a multitude of foot problems, from foot fungus and ingrown toenails to more serious…

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Treadmill Running

By Dr. Nicole Freels / March 11, 2020

Should I Be Running on a Treadmill? As spring approaches and temperatures rise, so will people’s motivation to get back in to their fitness routines. If nothing else, this definitely means an influx in the number of joggers you pass on your morning commute! But, just because it’s getting warmer outside, does that mean that…

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Winter Foot Care: An Essential Guide

By Dr. Nicole Freels / March 5, 2020

Winter Foot Care: An Essential Guide (Infographic) Winter can be tough on our feet, so it’s important to give them some TLC during the chilly season.  These are also great tips to get your feet ready for spring, which is (hopefully) just around the corner! Over winter, many of us cover up our feet away…

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You’ve got bunions? We’ve got answers.

By Dr. Nicole Freels / February 14, 2020

At Lexington Podiatry, we see A LOT of bunions. So, so, so many bunions! We have seen them all, and fielded all kinds of questions. However, we have noticed that patients are always curious about 3 major things, so we thought we’d share the answers with you, straight from Dr. Barko! Top Three Bunion Questions…

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A fungus among us: everything you need to know about toenail fungus

By Dr. Nicole Freels / January 15, 2020

Of course, nobody wants to have toenail fungus. Whether discolored, abnormally thick or cracked, fungus can do a number on your toenails…but I’m ok, you’re ok—it’s super common!  Call us if you even suspect a fungal infection, no matter how slight. Because the sooner we cure it, the better! It’s best to take action before…

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Podiatrist-approved Holiday Gift Guide

By Dr. Nicole Freels / December 17, 2019

Procrastinated too long on gift shopping this holiday season? The #LexPodSquad is here to make your to-do list a little simpler when it comes to finding easy, podiatrist-approved presents that even the pickiest person in your life will appreciate. Not only will these last-minute gifts make great stocking stuffers, but they will also keep feet…

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At-home Ankle Stretches

By Dr. Nicole Freels / December 4, 2019

Ankle pain presents itself in many different forms, from throbbing and aching feelings to shooting, sharp pains. When your ankles hurt, almost everything you do on a daily basis can be affected—walking, exercising, sleeping and even sitting down comfortably. One of the best ways to help manage (and even prevent) ankle pain is to take…

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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Take Care of Your Feet

By Dr. Nicole Freels / November 6, 2019

Taking care of our feet is something that is often overlooked on our yearly medical to-do list. Most people are adamant about scheduling their annual check-ups, dentist appointments, and even eye doctor visits, but “annual foot check” is a task that is just not on a lot of people’s radar. Maintaining foot health is so…

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Foot & Ankle Injuries Can Get Spooky… Leave Them Behind This Halloween

By Dr. Nicole Freels / October 28, 2019

Halloween is every kid’s favorite holiday. Fun costumes AND free candy- what’s not to love? With all the excitement that comes with trick-or-treating, it’s easy to forget that walking around in the dark (and often wet) makes it so easy for kids to slip and fall. The last thing you want are foot and ankle…

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