Why Are My Legs Swelling?

By Dr. Amy Barko / April 8, 2018

Lower limb edema can happen for many reasons. It can also happen to just one leg. What are the main reasons that our legs will swell? Venous insufficiency – leaky venous system of our legs Positional – a job where you sit or stand for many hours, traveling Lymphedema – can happen after surgery or…

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Treatments for Ball of Foot Pain

By Dr. Nicole Freels / April 1, 2018

  Do you have a nagging pain in the ball of your foot? It could be due to a neuroma. A neuroma is an enlarged nerve in the ball of your foot that is trapped in-between the bones and can be very painful. Neuromas can be caused by tight shoe gear or sometimes swollen feet…

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Can I Wear A Walker, Cast, or Brace While Driving?

By Dr. Amy Barko / March 1, 2018

  Are you confused about the new medical equipment your doctor has prescribed to you? We get questions about these devices all the time! Here is some information that will help your medical device be the most effective as possible. 1. Pneumatic walker: This device is very protective, but also very large and quite cumbersome.…

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Drop Foot and How Bracing Can Help

By Dr. Amy Barko / February 7, 2018

  Do you suffer from drop foot? Drop foot is not a medical condition in itself, but a symptom of a cluster of different issues. It is a general problem lifting the front of the foot; thus, if you suffer from drop foot, your leg may drag behind you as you walk. It is a…

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Knee Replacement & Limb Length

By Dr. Nicole Freels / January 17, 2018

Did you know? A knee or hip replacement could potentially change the length of your LEG. Approximately 600,000 knee replacements are performed each year. While approximately 400,000 hip replacements are performed. Some of our patients either have had or are future candidates for knee or hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty or knee…

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What Your Family Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Your Cold Toes

By Dr. Jamie Carter / January 5, 2018

As the weather gets increasingly cold out, there are certain conditions involving the foot that can be exacerbated. Some of the issues that affect cold feet and toes are tough to diagnose and patients come to us saying, “Listen, I feel crazy. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. No one believes me. Something is WRONG with my…

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No Such Thing as Perfect Feet

By Dr. Jamie Carter / December 18, 2017

Think you have perfect feet? Not too wide, not to narrow, no bunions, pain free, moderate arch, and pretty toenails polished in pink? WRONG! There are no perfect feet! Even if you don’t have foot pain, other symptoms you are experiencing may be related to the structure of your feet. Your feet are your foundation.…

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Just How Steady Are You?

By Dr. Jamie Carter / November 15, 2017

Have you ever stopped to think about your balance? Probably not. It’s just a normal part of life-one that changes as we age. From the occasional stumbling or stabilizing yourself with a wall, to the inability to get out of a chair without using your arms for assistance… the changes that occur often happen so…

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Unna Boot

By Dr. Nicole Freels / September 13, 2017

Many physicians are afraid of compression. With that being said it is a hidden gem in the medical world!! Frequently, patients are affected with lower extremity swelling and do not realize it is a condition that can be treated easily. There are different options in compression therapy but the #1 option we utilize in our…

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Why Diabetic Wound Care Will Make You Question Everything

By Dr. Nicole Freels / July 11, 2017

Wounds are unpredictable. Depending on the patient, wounds can change overnight. Many people have misconceptions when caring for their open wounds. Dr. Amy Barko worked at a wound care center for six years where she gained the title as a wound care physician. In a recent interview with Dr. Barko, she shared some expert advice…

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