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Treatment for Kids with Flat Feet

Treatment for Kids with Flat Feet

Have you noticed your child seems to be less active these days? Do they complain of tired legs every time you walk into a store? Is your child considered clumsy and tends to trip over their toes? Have you ever thought “it’s just growing pains, it will get better”?


If you answered YES to any of these you may have a child with flat feet. Having a lower than normal arch can cause an abnormal balance in the way the muscles of the foot and leg function. This causes certain muscles to overwork and others to become weaker.


Although we can’t change genetics, we can help flat feet to work better. This is accomplished with a foot orthotic, which is a small device inserted into a shoe to help correct abnormal motion. One of the most common uses of an orthotic is for children with flat feet.


Here at Lexington Podiatry, we offer Little Steps. These are semi-custom orthotics that are specifically formulated for children with flat feet. When we use Little Steps to correct the lowered structure of the foot it results in children that can go longer, run faster, jump higher and be more physically active overall. What more could a parent ask for?


If you are concerned that your child may have flat feet, schedule an evaluation today and let us help you determine if Little Steps are right for your child!

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