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Teachers; Regenerative Medicine for Foot Pain Gets an A+

Teachers; Regenerative Medicine for Foot Pain Gets an A+

Can I get a round of applause for my teachers out there?

Listen, with everything they’re dealing with right now, foot pain is not another thing teacher’s need on their plate. Standing and getting up and down all day create a lot of pressure for the feet.

Does This Sound Familiar? 

If you’re the teacher that gets home and just wants to kick off your shoes and sit, we can appreciate that. Often teachers complain to us about their aching arches or heels. Many times this stems from Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis.

While your foot pain might not be that serious at first, it can quickly change if left untreated. A custom fit orthotic is a super conservative way to relieve a lot of pain and offload the heel.

If the pain does become persistent and is further hindering your life…like keeping you from your activities, there are treatments we can perform without going under the knife.

So, What Can Be Done? 

Platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP) is a natural regenerative medicine therapy that happens to be a convenient in-office procedure and very effective. PRP has actually been around for over 20 years and is now becoming popular with more than just the athletic elite.

We understand that teaching is more physical than many give the profession credit for, which is why our providers offer the quickest and most effective treatments to get you back on your feet.

Sounds Good – What About The Cost? 

Of course, we also understand that some deductibles are so high, the quickest, most effective treatments are cost prohibitive. Responsible healthcare also means we consider that financial health plays a part.

At this time, PRP is an out-of-pocket expense, but you can use your Flex Spending Account or Health Savings Account. We offer payment plans, Care Credit and also mid-line alternatives that are also effective, with the caveat of increased healing time. Many of our patients that are in the teaching profession can’t afford to be off their feet for very long, so they choose the quickest treatment, pared with Care Credit or a payment plan.

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