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Pedicures are a Pedi-Don’t

Pedicures are a Pedi-Don’t

Reasons NOT to get a Pedicure

There is nothing like kicking back and having a glass of champagne while getting your toenails painted to put someone in a great mood. Whether it be before a wedding or a spa day with the girls, getting a pedicure has always been a go-to when you need a day of relaxation. While pedicures seem like a fun way to spend the day, they can have unintended consequences. Here are 3 reasons NOT to get a pedicure.


1. Toenail Fungus

There is nothing worse than going to get a fabulous new toenail color but ending up with thick, yellow nails instead. Fungus is a very common consequence of getting a pedicure. Fungus lives everywhere, especially in the deep dark corners of the foot basins at the nail salon. Think about it. EVERYONE is putting their feet in the same basin as you and fungus is easily transferrable if a removable liner is not used. If you go to a salon that has a basin with jets, the jets also harbor fungus and other bacteria that can be transferred to you.


2. Ingrown Toenails

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a patient come in with an ingrown toenail after getting a pedicure. If your nail technician cuts your toenails the wrong way or cuts them too short, it can cause an ingrown toenail. These are very painful, and you need a procedure to have it fixed properly. DO NOT let your nail technician dig out your ingrown toenail. The nonsterile environment puts you at risk for infection and can make the problem worse instead of better. If you have an ingrown toenail, please seek a podiatrist for treatment.


3. Infection

Pedicures can put you at risk for infection, especially if you go in with an open cut or scrape on your foot. If the basins and tools used are not properly sanitized, you are exposed to a plethora of different bacteria. These can cause you to develop a skin infection that requires antibiotics to treat.


If you have poor circulation or diabetes, your risk of developing an infection is increased. It will also take you longer to heal an infection or ingrown toenail. Poor circulation and/or diabetes qualifies you for insurance covered nail trims by a podiatrist. Although we don’t paint your toenails cotton candy pink, we do provide you with a safe place for nail care.  If you would like more information about this, please contact our office.


If the reasons listed above are not enough for you to give up pedicures, please make sure to do your research about your nail salon. Try to find a place that autoclaves their instruments. An autoclave provides instruments with medical sterilization and will help eliminate risk of bacteria spread. In addition, try to find a salon that uses removable liners in their basins. These things will only decrease your risk, not eliminate it. So, stay safe this summer and paint your toenails at home!


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