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5 Tips for Tip Top Wedding Day Feet!

5 Tips for Tip Top Wedding Day Feet!

You’re getting married! Whether you’re in the ‘oh my goodness this is really happening’ or the ‘is the wedding ever going to get here’ phase, listen up! As a newly married woman who has only been married for 10 days herself, I remember my wedding day like it was . . . 10 days ago! All bad jokes aside, I’ve compiled my top 5 tips for brides-to-be and their feet, based on my own experience and the stories I’ve heard from friends over the years! (My tips on not getting cold feet before your wedding will have to be saved for another time).

Tip #1: Pre-Wedding, Wedding Shoes.
I think Cinderella may have actually kicked her glass slipper OFF at the end of the night! You need to be aware that you will be on your feet for HOURS ON END on your big day. Please don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’ll be perched on some sort of matrimonial throne for the day. Yes, it is ‘your day.’ However, remember – you’ll be up and at em’ very early, be very busy all day and hitting the hay very late, which makes for a lot of time on your feet.

I HIGHLY recommend investing in some comfy, supportive house slippers to start your day. Chances are you’ll be doing a lot of standing, pacing, packing, and jumping up and down with joy even before you leave your home! Be sure to wear something supportive and comfy from the moment you wake up – skip the bare feet.

You will also need shoes to wear to the salon and any other pre-wedding appointments, as well as to the ceremony location. I chose my favorite, 4E (yes, that’s certifiable Flintstone width) arch supportive, cushiony flats. Once again, save looking gorgeous for the ceremony and reception. Comfort should be your main goal until the very last second!

Tip #2: Here comes the bride!

For the ceremony, choose shoes that make you FEEL like a princess. For me, those were a platform, four-inch, cut-out, peep-toe, champagne little number. Be sure that you can walk, turn around, stand and wear pantyhose with these shoes. Also, try them on with your dress WAY before the wedding day and at your seamstress’ shop if you are having your dress altered.

Because cute shoes are often uncomfortable shoes, look into getting some heel guards, arch support inserts, and ball or footpads for your shoes if necessary. When you think you’ve found ‘the shoes’, try walking a few laps around the store and standing in one place for 5-10 minutes in them. If you have trouble with either one of these exercises, you may want to rethink your choice!

Also keep in mind that your feet may be swollen by the time the ceremony rolls around due to all the walking and standing you’ll be doing. If the shoes are “a little tight” in the store, they may not go on for your wedding day. Buying two pairs of the same shoe in ½ size up or down is not a bad idea. You can return the unworn pair after the wedding! You should definitely shop for your shoes in the afternoon too – your feet are naturally more swollen then and will give you a truer size.

Tip #3: Party Time.
I urge you to buy a separate pair of shoes for the reception. I actually wore a whole separate dress and shoes for our reception. I wanted to be able to dance and move about comfortably and safely! Accordingly, my reception dress and shoes were both shorter than what I wore for the ceremony.

Ultimately, the reception is all about you, but don’t forget your guests. It’s a big party for family and friends to celebrate the union of you and your new spouse! This means some dancing and a lot of greeting people, walking from table-to-table and posing for photos. Choose shoes that are sassy and comfy. There are many choices out there that combine style and comfort.

Tip #4: Toenails.
Be sure to treat your toes right in the months that lead up to your wedding. Getting a pedicure one to two days before the day is recommended. Choose your salon carefully. Be sure that they clean and sanitize their instruments and equipment. (Very shortly, you’ll be able to have your toes done in style at Lexington Podiatry’s new PedSpa – coming soon!) Choose a polish that either compliments your wedding colors or is neutral like a pale pink, nude or a French manicure. Dr.’s Remedy’s is a great brand; it’s antifungal and lets your toenails ‘breathe.’ Keep in mind that painting over an underlying problem will not only look bad but can also be dangerous!

If you have a toenail that is loose, yellowing, or painful, head into Lexington Podiatry and have Dr. Freels check it out! Her office has a medical-grade laser that is FDA-approved to treat nail fungus. Leaving a toenail issue until the last minute can spell disaster and possibly a lot of extra editing for your photographer!

Tip #5: Think like a girl scout.
Before I go on, let me clarify that I have never been a Girl Scout. The closest I’ve come is eating my weight in Samoas as a child. The Girl Scouts do, however, have a motto that I tried my best to apply to my wedding day: “Always be prepared”.

Bring Band-Aids, blister block, and an extra pair of shoes that match your dress and heel covers for taking pictures in your shoes outside. It’s better to not use anything you brought than to need something and not have it!

So much planning goes into a wedding. It’s kind of an odd and surreal feeling once it’s all over. “Nine months of planning and then POOF!” Amidst all the color choices, venues, menus, invitations going out, RSVPs coming in, and everything in between, use these 5 tips to ensure that you have happy feet on the most important day of your life!

Rachel Conn is a guest post blogger for Lexington Podiatry and also a local fitness guru.

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