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Protect your feet from summer’s heat

Protect your feet from summer’s heat

During the summer your feet need special attention. Summer presents a challenge for keeping your feet cool while in extremely hot weather conditions. The combination of heat and humidity aids in the growth of bacteria, so protecting your feet will help significantly.

How to protect your feet:
Moisture Management- It is important to manage moisture in order to decrease the risk of athlete’s foot and pronounced foot odor. Excessive perspiration, hyperridrosis, can be a contributor to these conditions. When rapid production of sweat cannot be evaporated as fast as produced material in the shoe becomes saturated with moisture. The perspiration is known as body
waste” and contains an abundance of bacteria, the bacteria thrive on moisture, warmth, and darkness- just like bacteria that causes toe fungus.

Wash your feet daily and maintain healthy hygiene habits. Make sure to dry your feet thoroughly before putting on any footwear. Always wear clean socks, preferably cotton or synthetic perspiration wicking fabric. Refrain from wearing day old sock just because they may smell “clean”. Also, pick shoes that contain breathable materials.

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