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Men Trend: Sockless & Stinky

Men Trend: Sockless & Stinky

Women do it all the time. They go ‘bare’ in their shoes.

So why don’t women have stinky feet? Oh, they do. They do

However, in this era of ‘manscaping’ and attention to detail in the hygiene department, there’s been a recent uptick in male dominated shopping for deodorized insoles, shoe spray, athletes foot products and the like. any think it’s due in no large part to sexy stars like Jude Law and Ryan Gosling sporting bare feet in loafers.

The male sockless/loafer trend goes in waves and it’s definitely back again for mainstream guys. It never really went away in tropical areas like Miami and other fashionable hot spots.

Unfortunately, one of the things that gets the men in trouble is that their shoes are not breathable and cause their feet to sweat more.

Without a sock, there’s nothing to absorb the sweat. Your feet stay moist and sticky inside the shoe, especially in the heat.

Women wear shoes that are designed to be worn with bare feet though, right?  High heels, peep-toes and ballet flats…well, that’s not entirely true, is it?

Ladies dress shoes were originally intended to be worn with stockings, tights or at the very least, pantyhose. It’s not until the relatively recent past that women started to go bare.

So why don’t women have as much trouble with ‘stinky feet?’

Perception Is Reality

Women actually do contend with smelly feet on a daily basis, but the general public just doesn’t THINK they do. One thing that helps women fight the invisible odor is the fact that they often change their shoes depending on what outfit they are wearing to match. Rotating your shoes gives them a chance to dry out. Men, on the other hand, tend to rotate fewer shoes in their wardrobe.

If you’re going to be trendy, you’re going to have to ‘just be smart about it.’ My team teases me about my catch phrase because I say it all the time. It’s true though! Just use common sense and you’re halfway there!

How To Fight Smelly Feet

  • Wear shoes that are made of breathable materials.
  • Use antibacterial soap to wash your feet – clean between each toe. A natural soap like Doc Kelly’s Apothecary Sea Salt Soap is gentle enough to use on the entire body every day.
  • Use a foot powder or mist like Gordon’s No. 5  to keep fungus and odors at bay.
  • Consider wearing ankle socks (men) or the dress shoe liners (women) to give the illusion of bare feet while giving you the absorption of a sock.
  • Wash shoes that are washable and air dry them until they are completely dry.
  • *Best thing? SANITIZE them with a Sterishoe.


Sterishoe is an inexpensive way to prevent foot fungus, toenail fungus and foot odor. The device uses UV light to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your shoe. We recommend Sterishoe to our patients to prevent fungus from getting a ‘foothold’ or returning and spreading to all your shoes. Ask us about the shoe santizer next time you’re in the office – we carry Sterishoe in our convenience products display area. Our patients love it!

If you’re dealing with severe foot odor or suspected toenail or foot fungus, including athletes foot, you’re not alone. Don’t be ashamed, we treat these issues all day, every day.

Once you get a handle on it and have a plan, you’ll be footloose and fancy free! Make an appointment with us online or call the office at 859-264-1141.


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