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Don’t Let Your Broken Toe Hold You Back

Don’t Let Your Broken Toe Hold You Back

Rihanna's Broken Toe in a Buddy Tape ProcedureIf you suspect you have a broken toe, always have it checked out.

Not getting the proper treatment or believing that nothing can be done for that broken toe can make injuries worse, such as suffering from arthritis later down the road.

For example, Rihanna reportedly stubbed her toe on a chair during her vacation in Cancun. She told E Online, “I can’t let it stop me,” and she stated that “It doesn’t stop me from having fun, so it can’t stop me from working either.”

That’s the important thing to remember. Yes, its inconvenient to go to the doctor, but you wont have to take time off work or stop most daily activities.

Treatment Options

Some treatment options are as simple as buddy taping, which is a procedure where the broken toe is taped next to a non-broken toe in order for it to be immobilized so that it may heal properly.

Rihanna used this buddy taping method and a walking boot to stabilize her for everyday activities…you know, like walking the runway. Stars! They’re just like us, right?? Right.

Now, your our physician may go with a hard cast to get your toe properly realigned so that it heals correctly if it’s the big toe that was broken or the break is more serious.

A broken toe is more of a short term inconvenience if properly cared for. You may look a touch silly on the red carpet or at the beach in a walking boot, but your feet will thank you later!

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