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Barefoot Is Dead

Barefoot Is Dead

Forget the minimalist tennis shoes and barefoot running, for it has come and gone.

So, what’s the new and improved fad that’s hitting the running world next you ask?

The next big thing, folks, looks like a cross between your grandmother’s orthotics and clown shoes… (Horrifying, we know).

However, at least five major companies, including Nike, Brooks and New Balance, have recently introduced shoes with soles that are 30 percent thicker than those on traditional running shoes.

The previously mentioned industry powerhouse brands join Hoka One One, the company that first started marketing extra-cushion shoes in 2010. The company’s president, Jim Van Dine, calls the design, “the most dramatic advance in running footwear in 30 years.” That’s right, 30 years.

To all the barefoot runners out there reading this, consider:

Last month when barefoot pioneer Vibram agreed to pay $3.75 million (you read that right) in refunds to purchasers after a class-action lawsuit accused the company of making claims about its iconic FiveFingers shoe that it couldn’t back up.

Uh oh, looks like there’s a snag with the minimalist point of view for running…

Don’t you worry! You can read further on this topic (and access the link to get your refund for those FiveFingers shoes) in the original article found in Washington Post.

Runners are always searching for that slight edge whether it be from a Hoka One One shoe or aerodynamic clothing. Some runners gain that particular edge with the use of orthotics for extra support and sometimes even a new PR.

While we have not tested this particular shoe yet, check out our recommended shoe list for shoes that we have confidence in.

Do you have running injuries from running barefoot, or from running in general? If so, call 859-264-1141 or click to make an online appointment. Pain or discomfort in the feet is your body’s way of telling you something is not right.

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