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Shoes & Mattresses | Cheaper Isn’t Always A Great Deal

Shoes & Mattresses | Cheaper Isn’t Always A Great Deal

Don't buy cheap mattresses or shoesDon’t skimp on the shoes or the mattress. Just…don’t.

There’s a good chance your Grandmother already gave you this advice.

And guess what? She was, as usual, right.

If you’re wearing crummy shoes, your feet hurt and you can exasperate issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, blisters – you name it.

The same goes for a sunken, lopsided mattress. You could be sacrificing sleep and back aches to hang on to that ol standby.

You’ll spend a good majority of your life in shoes and in bed.

The smart money is on purchasing products that are actually good for you. Your shoes shouldn’t be able to be folded up like a burrito. That’s a tell-tale sign that your shoes have zero support.

They should be firm and bend only where your foot naturally bends, at the toes. Ideally, shoes should also have a little extra depth and cup the heel. Check out this  comprehensive guide to choosing the right shoes. SHOE TIPS >>

Many people throw common sense out the window when it comes to shoes.

I hear all sorts of explanations for ill-fitting, support-lacking, broken-down shoes in the office.

[su_quote]But they were on sale and these NEVER go on sale. Yeah, I know they’re not my size, but they were on SALE.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I know these boots are worn all to pieces on the bottom, but I get a stipend for a new pair every year. I just…have to make time to go pick some new ones out.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Well, I wear these [insert fashionable minimalist ballet flat, Toms, Chucks, Vans, etc here] because I’m on my feet for most of the day and they’re better than wearing high heels, right? (nervous giggle) That’s right, isn’t it? These are GOOD shoes because they’re flats. Right?[/su_quote]

No eye-rolling here, because I’ve heard it all. Trust me, I’m a bargain shopper and love a good deal, but as USA Today author, Daryl Paranada, points out, cheaper is sometimes just that. Cheaper.

No shocker here that one of the things he warns against is skipping doctors’ appointments!

Check out 13 things you should feel OK about spending money on and if you’re in the market for some Lexington Podiatry Offers A Wide Array of Shoes new, in-style, good-for-you-shoes that won’t break the bank, come check out our new spring selection of sport, dress and casual shoes, sandals and slippers at Lexington Podiatry.

I think you’ll love the complimentary personal shopper experience – if we don’t have your exact size or color in stock, we’ll order it (and take care of returns), free of charge. No sense having to deal with all the shipping hassle yourself if you don’t like the fit.

Call (859) 264 – 1141 if you have any questions about what brands we carry or have any questions about shoes!