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Consider Creating a Shoe-Free Home

Consider Creating a Shoe-Free Home

Your shoes are probably dirtier than you think

We all probably know at least one person, whether it is your friend, your sibling, or your mom, who INSISTS that everyone leaves their shoes at the front door. To a lot of people, this probably seems like over-kill, but it turns out they might’ve been right all along.

A 2017 study done by Dr. Kevin Garey, a professor of pharmacy practice at the University Houston, suggests that everyone should be transitioning to shoe-free households.This study found that infectious bacteria called Clostridium difficile lives on 26.4% of shoe soles. These bacteria can cause uncomfortable problems like diarrhea, as well as more deadly symptoms such as fatal inflammation.

According to this same study, the best way to keep your house free of these deadly bacteria is to remove shoes before entering. This will keep the bacteria confined to one space and minimize spreading.

Even though this seems easy enough, roaming the house without shoes just isn’t a realistic goal for everyone. Here are some tips to help keep your home bacteria-free, even if it doesn’t seem like a realistic lifestyle adjustment.


Invest in house shoes

It is so important to keep homes free of harmful bacteria, but walking around barefoot is simply out of the question for those with foot problems, like Plantar Fasciitis. However, it’s still possible to keep your home clean! We suggest investing in a pair of house shoes that are just as supportive as your everyday shoes. After you get home each day, you can easily change into these house shoes so that you still maintain that crucial foot support without bringing harmful bacteria inside.


Set up a shoe rack

Even though creating a shoe-free environment is important, an ever-growing pile of shoes by the front door can quickly become an eye-sore. An easy fix to this problem is to assemble a stylish shoe rack that fits the décor of your home. This will instantly conceal any clutter that accompanies your new lifestyle.

Make it a habit

From working out, to waking up early, creating a new routine can be challenging. Especially if you have young children who aren’t used to taking their shoes off immediately, making this a habit is key to success. Studies show that if we practice habits long enough they become second nature. The key? Repetition, repetition, repetition. After a few weeks of consistently removing shoes at the front door, your family won’t even think twice about it.

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