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Ingrown Toenails Explained

Ingrown Toenails Explained

One of the most common things we treat are ingrown toenails.

Why? Because they can happen to anyone.

Many of my patients ask me “What will it look like afterwards?” This is a great question!

The most important thing is that we get it healed up properly, but we understand that aesthetics are important, too.

Is It Permanent?

We may suggest a temporary nail/nail edge removal if the area is too infected for the permanent procedure.

Why? Because when we are doing a permanent procedure, if the area is super infected the agent that kills the nail root doesn’t work as well.

Remember, toenails are finicky and if you have severely damaged the nail, no matter what we do, it might not have a pleasing look afterwards.

Don’t Risk Infection

It’s really important to come in at the first sign of an ingrown toenail. The risk of infection is too great if you wait for it to be hot, throbbing and unbearable. If you have ANY pain in your toenail area, remember, that’s not normal. Your toenails are not supposed to hurt.

Just think for a moment…do your fingernails ever hurt? Nope. And your toenails shouldn’t either. If they do, it’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong.

Filthy Feet!

Your feet are ‘filthy’ even if you wash them all the time properly. They just are because of the nature of walking around barefoot or the dark moist environment of your shoes that bacteria love to thrive in. Bacteria LOVES to get into an open wound from an ingrown toenail ‘bathroom’ surgery, so just don’t risk it.

The procedure in the office is so quick and easy and you’ll be on your way with a properly healed and aesthetically pleasing nail.

If you’re having pain with your toenails, CALL (859)-264-1411, TEXT (859)-203-4042 or make an online appointment.

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