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Interstellar | How will Space Effect your Muscles and Blood Pressure?

Interstellar | How will Space Effect your Muscles and Blood Pressure?

Muscle Atrophy

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Does mankind have a future among the stars?

Interstellar is a science fiction film about a journey to discover the limits of human space travel. In the movie, when scientists learn that the Earth can no longer sustain human life, a team of top explorers and scientists (Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey) must venture to space to learn if humans have the potential to thrive there.

Muscle Atrophy 

So, what if humans really did have to leave Earth and relocate somewhere in space? How different would life be living at zero gravity?

The difference in gravity would have a huge impact on our bodies. According to NASA, muscles and bones transform at extremely high rates while in space. In an atmosphere of zero gravity, the body does not need muscles because they’re meant primarily to resist gravity, such as riding a bike up a hill.

Because they’re not needed, muscles atrophy, or waste away.

Blood Pressure 

The blood in our bodies is affected by gravity, too. On Earth, when a person stands, blood pressure in their feet is high.

In a zero gravity atmosphere like space, our blood pressure equalizes and is distributed equally throughout our bodies. Pretty cool, huh?

The differences in muscle use and blood pressure in space would make adjusting to the atmosphere in space a difficult thing to do. Research on past astronauts who have ventured into space show that legs and feet can lose about 1 liter of fluid each.

The weakening of feet and legs would not affect us as much while in space, but when they return home, the skinnier legs could result in wobbly walking.

Interstellar has been said to be as scientifically accurate as possible, so when watching the movie, pay attention to the way the astronauts use their feet and legs while in space. In the meantime, be thankful that the Earth CAN sustain us!

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