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Is Your Foot Fit For Your Flop?

Is Your Foot Fit For Your Flop?

Any shoe that makes that telltale flip, flip, flip sound is letting you know that injury is almost inevitable. Flip-flops don’t properly support your arches, and they strain your toes by keeping them in constant grip mode. Even a slight misstep can lead to a fracture or sprain, and if you wear them for more than two hours a day, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and myositis, all painful foot injuries, are a real possibility. It’s best to save your flip-flops for the beach, the locker room or a backyard barbecue, or for when you know you’ll be treading flat terrain for less than two hours. To reduce your risk of injury, buy flip-flops with some arch support. I like Moszkito sandals and flip-flops.

As a Podiatrist and Flip Flop wearer my entire life it became apparent after years of running, skiing and enormous amounts of fun, having arch support in all my footwear was necessary. So when it came time to finding a sandal or flip-flop with arch support, fun and fashion were a key component. I found Moszkito was a versatile, fashionable line that utilized leather, rubberized mid-soles, corduroy, suede and lots of color so you can enjoy healthy flip flops with style. One-size doesn’t fit all. These are custom ordered to the arch height your foot requires after you pick out the stylish design.

When you are on your next vacation don’t let your footwear let you down halfway through your day. Visit my office to look at our wide variety of flip-flops and sandals so we can customize them in time for your summer vacation! Call 859-264-1141 to schedule a visit with Dr. Nicole Freels, your personal shoe shopper, today!


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