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MIS vs Traditional Foot Surgery

MIS vs Traditional Foot Surgery

MIS stands for minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery means that the incision is done through a site that is less than an inch with very few stitches (if any).

Most patients with foot pain for things like bunionettes, bunions, hammertoes, etc. prefer this type of surgery due to the ease of getting back to work and regular life.

With traditional surgery the incision is longer and takes more time to heal.

A lot of the procedures of the forefoot can be done minimally invasive.

Top 3 Benefits of MIS Surgery:

  1. Minimal soft tissue disruption so less wound healing time.
  2. Ease of going back to work quickly due to no anesthesia.
  3. Cost is much less due to most of these cases being in office or surgery center!

Mysterious Lump or Bump? 

Sometimes patients have a bump or lump on their foot that they are just ‘dealing with’ because they are not sure even where to begin. Many are afraid that removal will be costly or entail a larger surgery. Luckily, this isn’t often the case. While some lumps and bumps turn out to be cysts, there are many different reasons a bump can appear. Some can get quite painful.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you away.

Patients do well with MIS, and with healthcare costs rising, at Lexington Podiatry, we like to offer in-office surgeries to benefit the patient and their busy lifestyle.


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