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Orthotics DON’T help?? But I thought…

Orthotics DON’T help?? But I thought…

I love to see patients’ faces when I tell them orthotics can’t help their issue.

Their jaws drop and the look of incredulity is priceless.

[su_quote]But you said…but I thought…wait…orthotics DON’T help? Then why did you prescribe them?[/su_quote]

I then explain that orthotics can’t possibly help you if you’re not WEARING them.

We recommend that they are worn approximately 75% of the time. However, I’m not blaming the patient. You see,

  • Unless your orthotics are COMFORTABLE, you’re not going to wear them.
  • Unless your orthotics FIT inside your shoes, you’re not going to wear them.

Orthotics Should Not Be A Chore To Wear

If you have been prescribed custom orthotics, then you know Lexington Podiatry guarantees that if you are not satisfied with the comfort of your orthotics, we will adjust them, at our cost, within the first three months. We want you to wear them, so we’ll work to get the right feel for you.

For example, you may need a cork base where someone else may need more padding. Custom is custom. You’re one of kind and what is comfortable for you is one of a kind.

So, as far as conservative treatment options for anything for conditions ranging from heel pain to hammertoes, our guarantee makes for a stress free option.

I Don’t Have A Pair For My Dress Shoes

Purchase a Second Pair of Orthotics

Custom orthotics have come a long way, baby.

These are not your grandma’s orthotics. (Unless your grandma is a patient of ours…then these are her orthotics. Your grandma is pretty hip, by the way).

There are all different types and styles of orthotics nowadays. The lab we use has cutting edge technology, is a leader in the field of biomechanics and Dr. Freels has researched them all extensively. She only works with the best. The results orthotics can achieve now for patients is amazing.

A wide variety of materials and customization techniques are available. For example, some have an extra long base that work best in athletic shoes and certain loafers.

We also custom cast lower profile, less wide dress orthotics that can fit easily in your favorite dress shoes. Yes, we can even make them to fit certain styles of high heels.

How Do I Know Which Style To Get?

The key is to bring the shoes you wear most often into your appointment. Our medical team will guide you through the steps and know which materials are going to be best.

Orthotics are not an over-all, fix-all. While they are great, they are not for everyone. Your doctor will work with you on a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized to your lifestyle, your activity level and your specific issue.

[su_box title=”Pro Tip | Take Advantage Of 50% Off!”]Most insurance typically covers one pair of custom orthotics per year. However, you should be wearing them 75% of the time. To keep from having to switch them in and out of your shoes or if you would like a different style for dress, etc, purchase a second pair out-of-pocket for 50% off. *Note* Second pair must be ordered within 6 months of original casting because the cast is destroyed by the lab. [/su_box]