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Take Care of Your Feet

Take Care of Your Feet

Birds are chirping, friends and family are barbecuing and the ice cream truck is back in the neighborhood. Everyone is starting to soak up the warmth of the sun, take walks in the park or beginning to look forward to a summer beach vacation.

Who wants to deal with foot injuries or complications during the summer? Not us, and we hope not anyone else!

Who are the tips for?

Are you a runner, jogger or walker? If so, we have tips for you on how to fight fungus and avoid injuries. Are you the beach bum that isn’t wearing supportive flip flops, or (gasp) walking barefoot on and around the beach?

Maybe you’re a world traveler that spends a good amount of time in an airport? If so we have tips for you! Perhaps, you aren’t really any of these…well, you guessed it- we have foot care tips for you too.

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Taking care of your feet is always important- but maybe you missed something. If you think you have a foot ailment, make an appointment online or call 859-264-1141.

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