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Treatments for Ball of Foot Pain

Treatments for Ball of Foot Pain


Do you have a nagging pain in the ball of your foot? It could be due to a neuroma. A neuroma is an enlarged nerve in the ball of your foot that is trapped in-between the bones and can be very painful. Neuromas can be caused by tight shoe gear or sometimes swollen feet in proper shoe gear.

Current treatments include:

  • Modification of shoe gear
  • Steroid injections
  • Orthotics
  • Ice therapy
  • Stretching
  • Padding

Neuromas are really annoying because they can crop up so quickly. It’s not like you need to spend a long time in an ill-fitting shoe to develop one.

I had a patient recently that had been wearing a tight shoe for only 8 hours and began feeling numbness and tingling in his forefoot. The pain did not go away, even after wearing supportive comfortable shoes as directed.

When should I seek treatment?

If you are having this nagging irritation or numbness, as a patient, you should begin to seek treatment with a Podiatrist. If a patient does not get treatment, the neuroma can become severe enough to affect daily activities and will hurt constantly.

Luckily, we can treat the pain with various types of treatments that are safe and effective alternatives to opioid and narcotics pain medications.

Let’s keep you on your feet.

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