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Can I Wear A Walker, Cast, or Brace While Driving?

Can I Wear A Walker, Cast, or Brace While Driving?


Are you confused about the new medical equipment your doctor has prescribed to you? We get questions about these devices all the time! Here is some information that will help your medical device be the most effective as possible.

1. Pneumatic walker: This device is very protective, but also very large and quite cumbersome.

  • This device cannot be worn while driving, even if the boot is on the left (non-driving) foot. This is the law, folks!
  • Also, this device cannot be worn in the shower because water can damage your equipment.
  • Your boot may be worn in bed, but only if your provider directs you to do so. If you have custom orthotics, you can wear these inside the boot with the permission of your provider.

2. Cast: This device is protective, but very large as well.

  • A cast cannot be worn while you are driving or you risk getting a ticket.
  • Also, your cast is not allowed in the shower. However, we do have cast covers at the front desk for your convenience.
  • Your cast should be worn in bed and should not be removed regularly.

3. Braces: Most braces we dispense as medical devices can be worn in your shoe.

  • It is safe to wear while driving. We do suggest driving around the block first to make sure that you are used to the way the brace makes your foot and ankle feel while you are driving.

Please call (859-264-1141) or text (859-203-4042) us with any questions regarding your medical device.

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