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Why Are My Legs Swelling?

Why Are My Legs Swelling?

Lower limb edema can happen for many reasons. It can also happen to just one leg. What are the main reasons that our legs will swell?

  1. Venous insufficiency – a leaky venous system of our legs
  2. Positional – a job where you sit or stand for many hours, traveling
  3. Lymphedema – can happen after surgery or can be hereditary


These are only some of the reasons that your legs could be swelling. If you have this problem our board-certified physicians are ready to help patients with treatment. We have many in-house options to turn around your swelling and control it before any long-term damage occurs.

Some conservative treatment options include – Unna boot therapy, farrow wraps, compression hose, and lymphedema pumps.

We encourage our patients to get swelling treated to avoid complications which can include ulcerations, skin changes, lifestyle changes, and pain.

If you want to be better in your everyday life, make an online appointment with Lexington Podiatry or call (859) 264 – 1141 today!

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