Get your running feet ready!

Running is a great sport and great exercise. Some people even claim it’s better and cheaper than therapy! However, in order to keep your feet running, you need to keep your feet healthy! As a runner, your most important equipment is your feet.

First, we suggest that you have a podiatrist that you visit regularly. Just like your car, your feet need to be checked and maintained to keep running! Also, invest in some really good shoes. A little investment with your shoes will help to save you money in the long run …(ha!). Injuries and foot problems can cost you more if you don’t get a proper fitting, supportive shoe. In addition, orthotics can be a great investment for runners. They will help to stabilize and support your foot, preventing injury.
Also, socks are incredibly important, and often overlooked. You should wear cotton socks and change them frequently if you sweat a lot. Cotton socks will absorb more moisture and will help to prevent blisters.
Lastly, be sure to know your limitations; don’t go too hard, too fast. You will need to work yourself up to a real race. Be sure to stretch and ice when necessary. See a doctor if you are injured, immediately!

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