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How To Care For Your Feet in the Summer

How To Care For Your Feet in the Summer

When speaking with a patient recently, it came to my attention that some people don’t realize putting sunscreen on your feet is important.


When we go to the beach, we often apply sunscreen to our face and shoulders first, then other places which might run the risk of getting burnt. But how often do you apply sunscreen to your feet? The skin on your feet can burn just as easily as the rest of your body.


We biopsy skin lesions on the feet and ankles fairly frequently because it isn’t uncommon for these to be cancerous. Dark spots are easy to ignore when they are so far from your eyes, but here’s a friendly reminder to apply that SPF this summer, especially on those toes. Also, speak to your Podiatrist at Lexpod if you have any concerns over a new or existing spot on your feet!

Speaking of getting your feet prepared for the summertime, we have plenty of products to get those toes ready for sandal season! We carry Dr. Remedy’s nail polish, which has a natural antifungal component, to keep your toes free of fungus and looking colorful. If you are someone who suffers from frequent calluses, make sure to inquire about our lotions which help to thin out that dry thickened tissue!


Check out The LexPod Amazon Storefront for all of our other recommended foot care products!


Any questions or concerns regarding your foot care? Contact the specialists at Lexington Podiatry.

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