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The Goal of Custom Orthotics: It’s All About Balance ⚖️

The Goal of Custom Orthotics: It’s All About Balance ⚖️

When we suggest custom orthotics to patients, the response is often one of fear and concern, especially from our stylish female patients. Patients are worried they will be “stuck” in these inserts forever and never be able to wear a more stylish shoe without inserts.

There is a multitude of reasons why we may suggest a custom orthotic for a patient, including heel pain, flat feet, high arches, and forefoot pain, just to name a few. We also frequently prescribe orthotics or inserts for patients who have tendonitis issues, due to an imbalance in their feet.

Here is the thing though, you do not have to wear orthotics 100% of every single day.

Our Goal with Custom Orthotics

To keep your feet healthy, balanced and pain-free during the majority of activity and ambulation. By protecting your feet during the day and when you are on them the most, it will allow you the freedom to wear those cute pumps to a fancy Saturday night dinner. Or the ability to wear your cute shoes on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.

Another wonderful thing?

We have the ability to make you a custom dress orthotic that is extremely low profile and will have the ability to fit in many different shoes.

Interested in getting an evaluation?

**Make sure you share your most worn shoes on the day of your visit, so we can make sure the prescription for your orthotics is perfect!

Dr. Michelle Hurless

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