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From the moment you call to make an appointment you know that you are making the right choice. The staff is friendly and helpful, you can tell by the tone of voice used on the phone that they care and enjoy their work environment. Getting an appointment is easy and you don't have to wait long to get in.

The office has a large sign on the outside of the building, which makes it easy to find. Parking is ample and the office is on the first floor, which is important when your feet are in pain. When you walk in, it is beautiful and one gets the feeling that instead of stepping into a typical cold and industrial doctor's office instead you have entered an upscale spa. Calm, clean and beautiful.

Having been treated for several foot problems over the past few years by Dr. Freels and her amazing staff I can say that they are caring and well trained professionals. The office has state of the art technology that makes the appointment a breeze.

The area devoted to shoe shopping is brilliant. I can try on and buy shoes that are both comfortable and cute. A harder task than one might imagine, its like the unicorn of shoe shopping.

I have also used the pedispa services and it is like night and day compared to the typical salon experience. This is a spa, not a rinky dink nail place. If you look around at most nail salons, even the "good ones" you can see them scrubbing the tub down with the same brush they used on your feet, then they turn around and use that same brush again and again in the same fashion. That is just nasty and unsafe. You don't have to worry about that at Lexington Podiatry. They take pride in providing you excellent service in a safe and hygienic atmosphere. The nail polish is oh so pretty and it's healthy for your nails, can't beat that!

The products offered for home use are a great value and on my must try list. I LOVE the Doc Kelly's line of soaps, the loofah soap is awesome at keeping my feet soft in between pedicures. Give Lexington Podiatry a try, you will not be disappointed.

Jacqueline Smith

Hi Dr Freels!! I just want to thank you for helping me out with my minor problem that I had on Wednesday. You are truly the best at what you do. I really appreciate you for talking to me and telling me to relax. Excellent service from you and your staff.

Kevin Owsley

I MUST encourage you to visit Dr. Freels, if you have any problems with your feet or problems with ankles, knees, back, etc. I was unaware, until I visited her, that I did NOT need to endure the things I considered minor pains (a hip and lower back pain with slight pain under my toes) anymore. Her professional knowledge and the newest technological instruments have lead me to being pain free and training for a mini marathon. But, I think what is most impressive about her practice is the efficient friendly manner in which her care and treatments are provided. No more waiting 1 or 2 hours to see the doctor. On my last visit scheduled for 2:40 p.m., I was seen within 5 minutes and out of the office by 3:00 p.m. Now, that IS service. Dr. Freels and all her staff demonstrate an extremely professional attitude, but what is unusual is their congenial and personable care always delivered with a smile. When was the last time you were offered a bottle of water at the doctor's office? I felt like I was at home with true friends. You can probably receive good treatment at other offices in Lexington but I drive all the way across town to receive their care. Try it, you will like it.

Gail Isaac

As a nurse, I am very discerning regarding my personal health care providers. Dr. Freels rises to the top of the list as being knowledgeable, caring and professional. Over the years and working long hours,my feet have taken a real beating. Dr. Freels was recommended to me so I went to her for my foot pain. She took the time to explain how we were going to heal my numerous ailments. I followed her instructions religiously. Now they feel great- no more pain! I give her five stars and recommend her highly

Deenie Laskey

Nicole took great care of what I needed when I went to see her at Lexington Podiatry. She was professonal and easy to work with.

Nikki Cupolo

I wish all doctors were as knowledgeable, efficient, and kind as Dr. Freels entire office staff is!   There is practically no wait time to be seen, and Dr. Freels has one of the best smiles, gentlest hands, and kindest manners I have ever encountered.  She is quick to diagnose and solve your foot problems.  My only complaint is that I wish her practice was not limited  to just your feet!


I am so pleased with the care I have received from  Dr.Freels and her staff.  I have been to two other podiatrists and they would treat the symptom but never resolved the problem.  She and her staff did extensive evaluations to get to the root cause of the problem, the first podiatrist to do so.  Thanks Dr. Freels and staff!

B. King

"Excellent service!"

Dale V.

Hi Dr. Freels (and staff)!

Sorry this has taken me a few days! I've been so busy walking around pain-free that I just now got around to writing this! I stood through the entire Dominican/UK Pros basketball game the night of my appointment, walked around campus before and was completely pain free! Thank you SO much!!

I wish that I hadn't delayed seeing a podiatrist for so long. I waited until I could barely stand the pain just from walking before I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Freels at Lexington Podiatry. I was certain, after talking with my family doctor and searching my symptoms on the internet, that I would have to have surgery to fix the problems with my feet and I really didn't want to do that. So I waited. And eventually, the pain made it difficult to do things I enjoyed, like walking the dogs, and things I had to do, like working. When I called Lexington Podiatry the staff was friendly and I got an appointment within days. Dr. Freels put me at ease instantly-I was very nervous!-and was able to fix my problem in a matter of minutes WITHOUT surgery! And it was much less expensive than I expected (in fact, for my issue it was under $10+co-pay)! I could not be more pleased with my experience at Lexington Podiatry. After years of being told surgery was my only hope, I am pain free WITHOUT surgery! Thank you to Dr. Freels and the staff of Lexington Podiatry!

Jessica Dawahare

Hi Dr. Freels,
I want to thank you very much. We need more doctors like you, caring, empathic and always smiling. Thanks again.

Patsi S.

Hi Dr. Freels!! I just can’t thank you enough for your compassion and care on Tuesday. My foot was still pretty tender yesterday but I could tell it already felt better and today it feels GREAT! The cortisone shot was well worth it. I finally have relief from that horrid heel pain and I just can’t thank you enough. I currently have my feet up soaking in the biofreeze while my daughter naps

Thank you again, you have no idea what this means for me, I am very grateful to have met you.

Thank you again so very very much

Amy H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nicole’s since she first opened her practice. Both, she and her staff, are friendly and caring as well as keeping the office waiting time at a minimum. I have learned through the internet that there are three levels of training, which a podiatrist can obtain after receiving their doctorate. Dr. Freels has attained the highest level, making me feel very secure in her care. She not only treats the symptoms, but is constantly on guard of any underlying symptoms.

Roger L. Clark
Attorney at Law

Robert T. Dobbins & Family

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I also want to thank Dr. Nicole for the expert and caring treatment she has given me this year!  I am so very fortunate to have met her on a flight and exchanged cards!  It goes without saying that I will recommend Dr. Freels and Lexington Podiatry to everyone I know!

Martha H.
Lexington, Ky.

After 3 doctors, I found Dr. Freels. I was having so much foot pain and could not run anymore or tolerate being on my feet by the end of the day. She knew right away what was going on and was able to help me get on a path to pain free feet. I am so happy with my treatment and have been able to take minutes off my running time, in just a couple months! I am well on my way to my goal and so happy about it! Oh, and my lower back/hip pain has slowly disappeared over the past few months as well. This was pain I was told I will have for ever and need to pretty much deal with it.

Hillary S,
Lexington, Ky.


I found Dr. Freels through an internet search. I navigated around the Lexington Podiatry website, read patient testimonials and saw Dr. Freels blog. I started reading the blog and a post asked the question, "why are you trying to live with foot pain when there are options available?" I immediately made an appointment, and I haven't for one moment regretted my decision. I found out through Dr. Freels that I have capsulitis and arthritis. Three weeks past my initial appointment, I am pain free. The prosthetic boot is in the closet, the medicated wrap and cortisone shot have done their jobs. I am wearing a brand new pair of Sketcher Shape Up shoes, and I am thrilled with the results of my treatment at Lexington Podiatry! When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts, and it affects every aspect of life. I highly recommend Lexington Podiatry. It was so worth the drive from Frankfort to Lexington in order to experience the results I received!

Angie Douglas, Frankfort, KY

I am a military veteran who is still recovering from a training related accident. After trying to deal with the agonizing pain of arthritis in my ankle for two and half years, I visited Dr. Nicole Freels. After one consultation, I was fitted for some excellent orthotics and was advised to attend physical therapy. Four visits at the therapists later, coupled with the help of my custom orthotics, (which I can’t live without) I am almost able to get back to what I love the most which is jogging in the morning! Thanks a million Doc!

Jared G. Cosby,
Lexington, Ky.

Flat Feet

If you are feeling hesitant about spending the time and effort that is needed to improve your health and ease that pain in your legs or feet, the one that keeps recurring no matter what you do, take a minute and read my testimony and realize you aren't alone.

Growing up I resisted fiercely, fighting tooth and nail trying to get out of going to a podiatrist as much as I could, despite my extremely flat feet. They didn't bother me much when I was really young, so I chose to ignore them. I was unable to run or extensively hike without having pain flash down the center groove of my feet. Custom inserts weren't fun, because they were awkward, painful, and I gave every excuse I could to escape wearing them. The level of apathy I felt was extreme.

However, in my teenage years, the pain increased steadily. I used several soft gel inserts to dull whatever pain I felt, and used Ibuprofen whenever the pain got too intense to cope with. I had to quit the track team in High School and felt that, although I should probably get around to dealing with the pain with an effective solution, I didn't want to deal with the hassle. I worked a retail job where I had to be constantly moving and walking 5 miles a day around the store, and the pain was occasional, but still present.

Fast forward several years, to when I was working in a hospital. I had a patient who had both of the ends of her ankles actually out of the socket between the end of the leg and the foot. She was quite literally standing on the sides of her feet. She was in immense pain and couldn't stand without a walker. Silently horrified, I asked how all of her troubles began. She informed me with a regretful expression that she had flat feet and didn't wear her inserts or seek any sort of help with her condition. The patient had no clue as to my flat feet, nor did I tell her, but I immediately began searching for a Podiatrist here in Lexington.

A week later I walked into the offices of Dr. Nicole Freels. I was immediately given attentive care by her staff as they took X-rays and digitally scanned my feet to see just how complex my flat feet were. Her staff were smiling and, despite my initial reservations about a Podiatry clinic, the warm atmosphere and genuine care put me at ease.

I was shocked to see on the digital scanner specifically where my feet were weaker than I had thought. Despite my medical training, I was unclear about the specific condition I had. The information was staggering, and I immediately regretted wasting my time, allowing the condition to become worse. Dr. Freels did a wonderful job of fielding my questions and talking with me about the most effective approach to repair my condition, which was fitting me for custom inserts.

Honestly, the inserts did take time to adjust to, as I had feared, but after two weeks had passed, the custom inserts felt molded to my feet, and I noticed I could run and walk much longer than I had with no trace of pain. I developed non painful calluses on the parts of my feet because of the redistributed pressure as the inserts helped to steadily mold my feet to the correct shape. I had to stop wearing my sandals and wore the inserts even around the house, closely following Dr. Freel's instructions to keep them on consistently for the first few months.

It has been the best transition I have ever had with medical treatment. Coupled with routine checkups with Dr. Freel's friendly, affable and caring staff, I am on the road to avoiding any possible future that would result in permanent disability. Through the honest care of Dr. Freels, I can honestly say that I have faith that I will life the pain-free life I deserve. I hope this testimony helps you make the correct choice for your life.

Nathan Violette

Plantar Fasciitis

Tom: Plantar Fasciitis

I began having foot pain about a year ago. It began affecting my daily routine to the point that I finally sought treatment. I had gotten to the point that I would “drive” to the local post office in lieu of walking the few blocks from my main street office. Walking was painful. The first doctor performed an exam, diagnosed my problem as Plantar Fasciitis, provided steroid injections, foot braces and sent me on my way. The shots were repeated another three times over a few months span but the pain didn’t subside. My feet were molded in plaster and orthotics were prescribed. The pain still didn’t go away. It just seemed to just move around. A physician friend of mine gently cautioned me about the potential effects of too much cortisone in a short time period.

I started looking for more options. I found Dr. Nicole Freels’ website while researching potential relief for foot/ heel pain. Her website portrayed an image of caring, modern technique, and professionalism. Her blog entries reinforced that she was passionate about healing.

Dr. Freels took ultrasounds on my first visit and explained the results clearly showing me the area where the foot pain was occurring. Her office created computer modeled images of the bottom of my feet and ordered a new, more comfortable set of orthotics. The orthotics and newly learned stretches helped but the pain still didn’t go away. I was prepared for what I thought the next step would be - surgery.

I explained this to Dr. Freels on a subsequent visit and she laughed and said not to worry – we had lots of options before arriving at surgery. She had noted early on that my lower leg was very tight and that it would be important for me to stick with the stretching exercises.

She also encouraged me to schedule a massage session with Starr Phoenix LMT for a Myofascial Release Massage. Starr quickly worked me in with the referral from Dr. Freels. She even offered to meet me on a Saturday morning. The day following my first therapy visit, I encountered the same pain that I was becoming accustomed to. Day two was another chapter -- the heel pain was nearly gone!! In fact I went most of the day before noticing that my feet aren’t hurting today! I was impressed enough to send a note to Starr.

The Myofascial massage sessions have continued and more improvement has been experienced. Dr. Freels said she could easily notice the additional range of motion that I had reclaimed in my ankles and feet – all without any more shots!. This course of treatment is a success!!

The combination of orthotics and good shoe recommendations from Dr. Nicole Freels and therapy from Starr Phoenix has allowed me to return to my normal lifestyle again! I am now once again able to walk in lieu of driving several blocks to the post office in my hometown – and I don’t have to analyze if it will hurt. Hiking is no longer painful. I can even run and play catch with our dog with no worries. I very am thankful for Dr. Freels and Starr Phoenix. I would highly recommend their treatment program to anybody suffering from Planter Fasciitis or similar conditions. They have sure helped me!!


I found Dr. Freels using an internet search.  I was impressed by her website and availability of evening hours.  I came to her because I needed help for plantar’s fasciitis in both feet and capsulitis in my left big toe.  After our first meeting, I was really impressed with Dr. Freels’ depth of knowledge and understanding of my unique foot problems.  I had been to another podiatrist in town and was not satisfied with his course of treatment.  Dr.  Freels suggested that I get a cortisone shot for the capulitis, customized orthotics, and stop wearing anything with a heel.  Well, as a woman, I was a little saddened to hear this last bit of news.  I’m 5’4” and I teach in a high school where my students are a LOT taller than me.  I like to wear shoes with a 1 ½ - 2” stacked heel for some added height to project “authority” haha.  Anyway, since I met with Dr. Freels, I now wear flats like she suggested and got all my pants hemmed.  Even though I’m now 2” shorter to my students, being pain free is totally worth it, my vanity isn’t!!!  Thank you Dr. Freels for everything!!

p.s. custom orthotics = heaven in my shoes!

Lisa Habersack

Dr. Nicole Freels came highly recommended after I shared my gout and foot pain with a close friend. After taking medication and seeing another podiatrist, I had almost given up hope of ever being able to run with my wife again. Yes, I'll admit I am a skeptic. I made an appointment and was greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable lady on the phone who directed me to the website to download all my paperwork to fill out ahead of time. I am a busy professional, and this helped me minimize time away from my business. Bonus points.

My first appointment went very well, where I learned that the pain in my feet was coming from Plantar Faciitis, and the insoles my primary doctor recommended weren't right for my feet. How did Dr. Freels know... her staff x-rayed and scanned my feet. Both of my feet have different arches. Who knew? Well Dr. Freels did. After our appointment I took home some literature, some night braces a stretching regiment and I experienced immediate progress. Now I am the guy handing our recommendations to my friends.

Bill R.
Georgetown, KY


Hi, my name is Karen H. I'm a current patient of Dr. Nicole Freels @Lexington Podiatry.

I initially went to see Dr. Freels about foot pain, which turned out to be a neuroma but I'm not going into detail about that. I'm writing about my drop foot due to Multiple Sclerosis.

You see, I was walking with a limp and a... cane due to the fact that I wouldn't wear my AFO brace for many reasons. I felt like it was more of a hindrance to me than a help. It was heavy, unflexable, and made my calf hurt, so I refused to wear it, I would only wear it if I knew that I'd be doing a lot of walking in unknown territory, like when we'd go to Natural Bridge or some other place like this, but that was it! The rest of the time, it sat in my closet.

Well Dr. Freels noticed my foot dragging and before she even suggested a brace, I told her I had one that I refused to wear and why. She, then, asked me if I would try this new brace if my insurance would cover it. I was leery but agreed, very doubtful that I would like it but not only do I like it, I love it!

I don't /won't go anywhere without wearing it. It's light, has just enough flexibility that you don't feel like you're wearing it and I no longer use my cane. Now it's going to sit lonely in the closet!

I walk more natural with it, quicker gait, it's given me my confidence back because I don't have the fear of falling because of my foot and I can brace myself in crowds, so as not being afraid of getting accidentally bumped and knocked down.

My advice is this, don't knock it until you try it because you may just end up loving it!

 Karen H

I have been dealing with pain in the ball of my foot and going down between my third and fourth toes on my left foot for years.  When the pain became so bad that it was paralyzing my foot momentarily I decided to see a Podiatrist.  I did a search on the internet which led me to Dr. Freels for various reasons the main one was she came highly recommended in this area.  She also had a blog about exactly what was going on with my foot/toes.

I started seeing Dr. Freels in mid June 2011 and she said that I had a Neuroma.  The first treatment she recommended was a steroid injection followed by a series of alcohol injections (she uses a cold spray that way the patient does not feel much pain from the injection).  She gave me the first injection on the first visit and she finished the injections around the end of September 2011.  While undergoing the treatment I was able to continue my active lifestyle as well continues working with very minimal time loss from work.   I even took numerous trips to Gatlinburg, TN (for shopping) and FL.  During the treatment I had minimum pain none of the paralyzing pain in the foot I was having before.

When the numbing and pain return in November 2011 which I believe was caused by a special project I was assigned at work which required me to do a lot of being on my tiptoes and squatting again my toes.  I called her office and they schedule me an appointment right away.  Again Dr. Freels gave me what I considered great news which was we could try a couple more alcohol injections, which we are presently doing.

Dr. Freels was great choice for me personally because she has and is trying everything possible to give me relief without surgery which I exactly what I love about her.  Her staff is outstanding as well and I have never had to wait more that just a very few minutes in fact most of the time I arrive early and have see her and out of her office before my appointment time.  She also takes time to explain and listen to your concerns.

Pat Loney

Wonderful practice!  Dr. Freels fixed my neuromas when no one else even tried!  She kept me from having surgery and got me back on my feet.  She and her staff are on the ball while still making you feel like you are the only patient in the office.  They are so knowledgeable and friendly.  You owe it to yourself to pay them a visit!

Lisa B,
Lexington, Ky.

Ingrown Toenail

I was so afraid when Dr. Freels told me I was going to feel a bee sting for my painful ingrown toenail.  The bee sting was a shot.  The shot didn't hurt!  So, I like the foot doctor very much, and I would go back many times if I had to.

Lydia ( age 8 )

Having had two unsuccessful outpatient surgeries for ingrown toenail removal, I decided to give Dr. Freels the opportunity to correct the unsightly problem. She was able to completely remove and repair my toe in a painless 10 minute office procedure. Thanks a million Dr. Freels!

Kyle Bellamy

I had a great experience with Lexington Podiatry! Dr. Freels got me back on track and running in time from my race. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience which comes across in the treatment she designs for patients. I absolutely recommend Dr. Freels to my friends and family as her care has made a big difference in my life!

Janice Osborne,
Lexington, KY


My family and I highly recommend Lexington Podiatry for any specific foot or ankle ailment. They are very friendly and accomodating; plus their specialized knowledge in treating conditions of the foot is unparalleled. If you have diabetes then you really need to take special care of your feet and these are the people to see.

I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Ellsworth. I have been coming to him with my foot issues since August 2015. My issues were that I had to come almost every week or two. He is always compassionate and caring. I have learned a lot about diabetic foot care from him. I am thankful I changed to him when I did. I am glad he is part of the Lexington Podiatry office. Thank you Dr. Ellsworth!

Lousetta Carlson,
Lexington, KY


My 7 year old daughter dropped a dresser drawer on her great toe and she was in intense pain. The next morning, I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Freels by 10:00am, I was thrilled they were able to get us in so fast especially since another Podiatrist closer to my house on Harrodsburg Rd still had me on hold. Our experience was excellent! My daughter was very very nervous and they gave her a sprite, spa neck pillow and blanket. When they had to numb her toe, she got to pick out stickers and toys from a treasure chest. Dr. Freels and Erica were so nice, answered all my questions, and made our time there not feel like we were in a doctor office. Erica even called us that evening and the next day to see how my daughter was doing. It was highly worth it to drive across town to see Dr. Freels!

Kendall Goetze
Lexington, KY

Dr. Freels first worked with my wife to troubleshoot and diagnose some issues which was making it very difficult for her to enjoy her day-to-day activities and her job, daily unabated by pain and discomfort. After a session, Dr. Freels was able to immediately identify the issue and take the best course of action. Her treatment was targeted and effective. She never had a reoccurrence and is working, biking, walking, and enjoying the mobility we should all have - again, thanks to the diagnostic alacrity and expertise shown by whom we feel is the best in the business - Dr. Freels.

Then came my son, at only 15 developing bad knees, only to find out from the our new favorite doc that it was actually his feet. Her orthotics, and his daily wear of the prescribed inserts measured and provided by Dr.Freels, has brought his stance in correct and removed all the aches from his knees he had before.

Two other doctors missed this, it took Nicole 2 minutes to correct years of issues with him and save him a lifetime of problems. Going to any other Podiatrist in Lexington just makes no sense to us at all. You'll be hard pressed to find her equal.

Jay Birch
Lexington, KY


For years I have had issues with my lower back and knees when running. I visited doctors, chiropractors and even a witch doctor 🙂 to relieve my pain - all failing to help. Finally I went to see Dr. Freels. She analyzed how I walk and discovered that I roll the foot after landing. Dr. Freels recommended that I have some custom orthotics (shoe inserts) made that would help correct my gait issues.

After I broke them in, while running, I felt like my stride had increased, my knees didn't hurt, I felt like I was running with better posture and most importantly, my lower back pain went away.  I now not only wear them when I run, but also in my work shoes too. It only took a few days for me feet and body to completely adjust to them.

Recently I went to the beach for vacation and  didn't take my orthotics, thinking that I wouldn't really need them. By the end of the first day, my knees and back started to get tender and remained that way for the duration of the trip.  When I arrived home, I immediately put them back on. If anyone that reads this has similar conditions as I do - you have to try them, they really made a difference in my quality of life. Thanks Dr. Freels!!!!

Kevin H,
Lexington, Ky.


Ten toes way up for my pedicure at Lexington Podiatry.

As a daily runner and frequent wearer of sky-high heels, I tend to put my feet through the ringer. They really needed some TLC. I felt pampered from the moment I took a seat, because sitting in the massage chair actually felt like getting a real massage -- not like someone pushing a rolling pin up and down your spine, as an awful lot of "massage" chairs do. (The "knead" setting is where it's at.) The aromatherapy was noticeable but not overpowering, and having a room of my own kept the atmosphere relaxing.

My pedicurist was pleasant and professional and made it a point to not only stress what I could do at home to keep my tootsies tip-top, but also suggested what to look out for if I got a pedicure elsewhere. My favorite bit was having hot towels wrapped over cool minty oil from the knee down. She did a nice job of not only massaging but also stretching to help relax tired muscles even further.

All in all, It was a spa experience with the extra peace of mind that comes with knowing all the equipment is doctor's-office sterile. I don't see myself going anywhere else for my next pedi.

Morgan R.
Lexington, KY

I recently had my first pedicure at LexPod. It was the best ever. Not only was the staff professional, the equipment was very sterile. That provided much comfort and safety. I generally had pedicures in Ashland KY but never will again in Ashland - only at LexPod. I will drive two hours for this professional service in the future. Safety and cleanliness is very important to LexPod. Thank you Dr. Nicole!

Paula Willis 
Cattletsburg, KY

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