Shoe Guide


Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate the shoe store and try to pick the shoe your PODIATRIST would want you to wear, let alone find the right fit and a style you like.

Print off the handy athletic shoe guide and take it with you when you shop!

Recommended Shoe List

Wonder what QUAD you fit into? Check out this helpful PDF and see what best describes you! Not sure? Ask at your next appointment!

  • Remember, it’s best to shop at the end of the day when our feet are naturally more swollen.
  • Ask the shoe store to break out the old school foot ‘measurer’ and get your true size. Just because you used to be a size 7 doesn’t mean you still are a size 7. Our feet change over time.
  • Flip the shoe guide over for different foot types.

If you would rather have an expert help you shop, drop by Lexington Podiatry for our personal shopper experience. If we don’t have the size or color you need, we’ll order it for you and handle all shipping and returns. Hassle free, healthy feet! 

If you are experiencing foot pain, call our office or make an online appointment


Accepted Insurance Providers

There may be providers, plans and coverage not included on this list. We will help you with navigating the options for coverage and costs. We also accept HSA, Flex accounts, Care Credit and prompt pay pricing for treatment at the clinic and surgical procedures. We do not accept Medicaid or CareSource plans at this time. Visit our New Patient page for more details.