For the convenience of our patients, we have gathered a number of resources to help answer some of the basic questions, and provide answers to some common foot-related illnesses.


Your provider may have prescribed you certain stretches at your last visit. 


How-To Put On Your Durable Medical Equipment

It's hard to remember how to apply your boot, splint, brace, etc when you get home.

You've just heard a LOT of information during your appointment, so here are some quick refreshers! 

Toe Alignment Splint

Game Day Brace

Pneumatic Walker 

Plantar Fascia Support

Night Splint

Shoe Guide & Lacing Technique
We recommend going to a reputable shoe store when purchasing new shoes. 

Always remember to go at the end of the day when feet are most swollen. 

Bring your orthotics with you so that you can see if the depth works!

Shoe Guide

Do you have a narrow heel that ALWAYS slips out of your shoe? Check out this great way to lace your shoe that will lock down your heel. 

Lock Down Heel Technique

Free Foot Health Screenings

Yes! We often take our medical team to corporate events, job sites and health fairs to conduct complimentary foot health screenings. If you're interested in having us out to your own place of work, or would like to learn about upcoming screenings, please send a request to and we will be happy to send you more information!

Download the Heel Pain eBook
Dr. Nicole Freels has written an easy to read eBook that she has made available to anyone. 
Download the Diabetic eBook
Dr. Nicole Freels has written an easy to read eBook that she has made available to anyone. 
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Fast Foot Facts
Just for fun! 


Accepted Insurance Providers

There may be providers, plans and coverage not included on this list. We will help you with navigating the options for coverage and costs. We also accept HSA, Flex accounts, Care Credit and prompt pay pricing for treatment at the clinic and surgical procedures. We do not accept Medicaid or CareSource plans at this time. Visit our New Patient page for more details.