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Do I Need Plantar Plate Surgery?

Do I Need Plantar Plate Surgery?

A plantar plate tear means that you have damaged a strong ligament on the ball of the foot that supports and provides stability to the toe. This ligament prevents your toe from over-extending.

The tear can technically be on any of the toes, but it’s many times found on the second toe.

This injury is typically associated with an overuse injury. A plantar plate tear is not as common as other forms of foot pain, but it is on the rise with the increase in running culture.

Unfortunately, if left unchecked, a plantar plate tear can lead to a deformity, such as a toe crossing over another toe or a hammertoe. These issues can increase and prolong the pain associated with the tear, so it’s best to seek treatment at the first sign of pain.

Remember, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong.

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