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Fall Boot Guide

Fall Boot Guide

All of our doctors absolutely LOVE a trendy fall bootie. In fact, if you come into our office during any of the fall and winter months, you’ll see that booties are a staple in all of our providers’ wardrobes. But, just like any other type of shoe, there are some booties that are best to leave in the store. Luckily, this is your one-stop shopping guide to help you pick out the perfect boot for the coming month!


  1. Cushioned Sole

A cushioned sole is an incredibly important feature when you’re shopping for any type of shoe. This will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, allowing you to be up and moving for an extended period of time. If the sole is too soft, it won’t offer enough support, but if it’s too hard, it will be impossible to wear all day long. Finding that sweet spot in between is key. Trust us, your feet will thank you!

  1. Durable Material

A common issue that we often run into is finding boots with great structure that are made out of cheap material. Finding boots with durable, high quality fabric is so important because of the stability it provides! Thicker, stronger fabric will keep your foot and ankle locked in place, which will prevent ankle sprains that often come as a result of unstable shoes.

  1. Lots of Ankle Support

In general, wearing a taller boot is always better because of the added ankle support. This is especially important if you suffer from ankle joint instability or chronic ankle sprains. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the heel, the more ankle support you need. One of the most dangerous styles of boots you can buy is a short boot with a tall, skinny heel. Any sort of heel is immediately harder on your ankles, so having lots of support will keep you more stable and balanced.


  1. Tapered Toe

Avoiding a bootie, or any shoe for that matter, that tapers at the toe will do wonders for your feet. For one, having a wider toe box is infinitely more comfortable, but it is also much healthier. A pointed shoe will crowd your toes, which can cause so many serious issues, from ingrown toenails to painful blistering. Trust us, giving your toes some room to wiggle will make such a huge difference this fall!

  1. Sky High Heels

We generally recommend that our patients stay away from super high heels, and this rule applies to booties as well. Higher heels force all of your weight to the forefoot instead of being evenly distributed throughout your foot, which can be dangerous and painful. This can cause Plantar Fasciitis, stress fractures, and lots of other painful conditions.

There are so many brands that make affordable, high-quality shoes, so you don’t need to compromise when it comes to your foot health. Some brands to keep an eye out for on your next shopping trip are Lucky Brand for women and Johnson & Murphy for men. Keeping all of these tips in mind will help you pick out the perfect booties this fall!

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