Ankle Pain Treatments By Lexington Podiatry

Ankle pain can come in many different forms. Think everything from throbbing and aching to shooting, sharp pains.

Unfortunately, ankle pain is also one of the areas that you tend to try to explain away the pain the most.

Walk It Off 

If your wrist hurt as much as a hard sprain, you wouldn't think twice about going to the doctor to get that looked at. However, we will calmly try to walk off the pain of a nagging ankle injury for weeks. We're putting all our weight on this sore ankle and could be doing more damage.

If your ankles hurt, that affects just about everything you do from walking and exercising to sleeping and even sitting down comfortably.

What Causes Ankle Pain? 

Did You Know?

Oftentimes, severely rolling your ankle can have more long-term effects than a clean break.

Dr. Freels discusses ankle sprains and the severity of them in the video below.  She explains how to identify, avoid, and treat ankle sprains.

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