Pain in Balls of Feet

Pain in the balls of the feet can really get in the way of life, when every step you take hurts.

The metatarsal bones, which are the long bones of the foot and toes, bear our weight when we walk and run.

If the heads of the metatarsal bones become inflamed, usually because of excessive pressure over time, it hurts!

Risk Factors For Metatarsalgia
  • Sometimes it’s a result of age or perhaps a repetitive injury from sports or jogging.
  • The fat on the bottom of our feet deteriorates over time. This causes you to feel like you are literally walking on ‘bone’….because you ARE!
  • Health issues like arthritis or diabetes can be an underlying culprit.
  • Or it might just be your shoes. Narrow or pointy shoes and ill-fitting shoes can put pressure on the metatarsals and cause this painful condition.
  • There are also a few foot conditions that can cause metatarsalgia, like a foot neuromasesamoiditis, capsulitis or a callus.
Treatments for Metatarsalgia

While the exact treatment will depend on the cause, we typically use shoe inserts, semi custom or custom orthotics to distribute the weight more evenly and relieve the added pressure from the metatarsals.

Cushions or off-loading pads are available to help ease the pain, such as metatarsal cushion, metatarsal pad, felt-U protectors. Biofreeze is also very effective in decreasing the pain.

We’ll also talk to you about the type of shoes you wear and specific activities you normally engage in, to determine if they might be contributing to the problem. If there is an underlying cause such as a neuroma or arthritis, we’ll address that, too.

If you are experiencing foot pain, call our office or make an online appointment


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