In-Toeing in Children

Our feet, ankles and legs are designed for the foot to point straight forward when we walk and run. But sometimes children’s feet will point inward, which is otherwise known as in-toeing or being pigeon toed.

When the in-toeing is pronounced, it may cause a child to stumble or trip frequently.

Can they grow out of this?

Regular in-toeing is not painful and doesn’t cause arthritis. In most cases, it will correct itself by the time the child turns eight. But some children in-toe as a result of a bone abnormality. They may have a foot that bends inward from the middle of the foot to the toes, or they could have a twisted shin or thighbone causing the problem.

If your child is in-toeing, we recommend bringing them in for an evaluation to make sure there is not an underlying issue that needs to be corrected. We will talk to you about the history of your child’s in-toeing, measure the angles of the feet, legs and hips, and possibly take X-rays to get a closer look.

While in most cases the problem will correct itself, more severe cases involving a bone abnormality, casting or a brace might be necessary to avoid long-term problems.

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Absolutely amazing staff! Smiling faces, compassion and understanding! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Amanda Rugg


I was frankly shocked at how good they were at EVERYthing. They saw me less than 2 hours after I called. Dr. Barko was ebullient and professional. You can ask them questions via TXT, which is huge. Their offices are spic-n-span and modern. Basically, they're knocking it out of the park. I don't wish for more in-grown toenails, but if it happens, I'm going straight back to Lexington Podiatry.

Mick Jeffries


I love Lexington Podiatry! The staff is always so helpful, and attentive. I love Dr. Freels. She is top notch, and is always so happy to see me, and listens to me about what is going on.

Amie Castle


Dr. Carter diagnosed and created a treatment plan in minutes- other podiatrists have treated me incorrectly for years. So pleased to have answers and solutions.

Katy Perkins


My left foot had been hurting for a while. The staff and doctors here are all quite knowledgeable and professional, as well as friendly and personable. My diagnosis was promptly made, x-ray completed right there in the office, and I left with the two braces that I needed. No waiting for the mail, trip to brace shop, nada. Most excellent clinic!

Susan Bell

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