ABI/PADnet Testing

PADnet testing is used to evaluate poor circulation problems such Peripheral Arterial Disease “PAD” or Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

This is a non-invasive, diagnostic test performed by medical assistants in the office.

PADnet is an important preventative screening tool that looks for narrowed or blocked arteries from the buildup of cholesterol and plaque.

This narrowing decreases or restricts blood flow to the legs and feet. Approximately 8 to 12 million Americans have PAD.

Of these without treatment, 30% will likely die in the next five years from a stroke or heart attack from PAD. 75% of people with PAD have heart disease.

PAD Symptoms

• Pain in legs while sitting
• Pain in legs when walking, then resolves when you stop
• Discoloration (red, white, blue, purple, brown) of toes or feet
• If you have difficulty healing wounds on your legs.

Am I At Risk For PVD?

You have one or more of these factors:
• 50 years old or older with high blood pressure
• Diabetes 
• High cholesterol
• History of smoking
• Over the age of 65
• Family History of heart attack, stroke or vascular disease

Why Is My Podiatrist Concerned With My Circulation?

odiatrists all your foot and ankle experts. We can determine if you have a circulation problem with a quick glance at your lower legs.

This gives us an excellent vantage for early detection of P.A.D. However, to determine how severe it is, a PADnet test is required.

Our goal is early detection of PAD. You can schedule an appointment at our office for an evaluation.

Once you have been identified at a potential at risk patient for P.A.D., we can schedule a quick, simple and painless PADnet screening test in our own office.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

PADnet testing is also used to evaluate swollen feet, ankles and legs. This often occurs because of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). The arteries pump blood down the legs all the way to the tip of your toe.

Veins then carry the blood back up towards your heart. These veins are lined with valves that pump the blood upward against gravity. If these valves lose their strength, you get pooling in your legs, ankles and feet. This continues to get worse and your legs get more swollen over time. Most patients are concerned with their varicose veins and feel this is purely a cosmetic issue, however that isn’t always the case, the enlarged veins can progress to this more serious condition if left untreated.

Over 30 million Americans are affected by varicose veins or CVI. It occurs with patients whose occupation requires them to stand for a long period of time, increased age, obesity, family history or with pregnancy in women.

CVI Symptoms
  •  swollen feet, ankles or legs
  • leg “heaviness” or your legs feel “tired”
  • leg aching, cramping or painful
  • changes in skin
  • sores or ulcers on your legs
Will Testing Hurt?

The test is completely painless and non-invasive. You’re only requirement is for you to lay down. Try not to fall asleep! Cuffs are placed around your upper arms, thigh, calf, ankle and each big toe. These cuffs are similar to blood pressure cuffs, and are inflated the same way too.

This is automated by a computer that the cuffs are attached to. At this point, we will send your test results to Dr. Nick Abedi, MD. Dr Abedi is a surgeon with KentuckyOne Health Surgery Associates and he lend his expertise to our patients with circulatory issues.

If you are experiencing foot pain, call our office or make an online appointment


Staff was extremely friendly and professional. They took us back immediately and no waiting for doctor to come in. Dr Settles-Carter was amazing with my little girl. She took her time and explained every detail to my daughter. As we were leaving my little girl said Dr Settles-Carter was the best doctor ever. Coming from a 10yr old.

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It took some work, and patience, but my feet are much better now. Dr. Freels worked with me to find exercises, and more importantly, the right shoe to wear. So nice not to dread going into work, for the pain of simply walking. Despite what another review here says, they've never tried to sell me any shoes there, have always left the choice up to me.

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The staff was very courteous. However, the care provided by Dr. Carter and the staff in the back was exceptional! I finally had answers for my health concerns and issues and a course or plan of treatment including the costs of the services they provide. I especially liked the hours of operation...I can see a doctor for the treatment I need without having to use my personal and sick days! Love the flexibility. Lastly, the ambiance esthetics were relaxing and beautiful.

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The entire staff at Lexington Podiatry was very welcoming and friendly. Jill went out of her way to make sure my daughter was taken care of. We appreciate being seen so quickly (it would have taken weeks to have seen an orthopedist for her foot injury). Now, she is on the road to recovery! Great office, thanks everyone!

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Had a great experience! Everyone was very nice, it was clean, the doctor took time to listen to me. She showed me my x-rays and explained them to me. I would recommend them to family and friends.

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