Short Leg Syndrome (Limb Length Discrepancy)

If you are experiencing pain and your physician can’t figure out what is causing it, it could be short leg syndrome. When one leg is shorter than the other, even differences as little as a few millimeters can create a slew of problems such as pain anywhere from your lower back to the tips of your toes.

There are a variety of forces that might cause one leg to be shorter than the other. They range from birth injuries to infections or injuries of the growth plate during childhood, injuries in adulthood that affect the legs, surgery on the knee or hip, and poor posture that tilts the pelvis.

How Do I Know If I Have A Shorter Leg?

In some cases, the difference is obvious. But in others, a patient may not even realize one limb is shorter until they start experiencing odd symptoms like knee pain, sciatica, chronic imbalance, foot and ankle pain, fatigue and TMJ.

Your Body Will Over-Compensate

Most of these symptoms are a result of the body trying to compensate for the imbalance, either by leaning toward the short leg or pronation. Both of these compensation methods, which our bodies will usually attempt without us even realizing it, place abnormal stress on our feet, ankles, knees, hips and back that can lead to these symptoms.

Treatment Options for LLD

For those with short leg syndrome, our first goal is to even things up. The best treatment option is a custom orthotic that can be tucked discreetly inside the shoes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the symptoms are relieved with proper orthotics.

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