Sciatica Treatments By Lexington Podiatry

The sciatic nerve is derived from spinal nerves L3 to S4 in the lower back.

While there can be many reasons patients experience Sciatica, typically patients have a herniation of a lumbar disc or a bone spur that is pressing on the nerve causing pain.

Generally patients experience a radiating pain down the buttock (called Radiculopathy), into the thigh and back of the calf.

Frequently Asked Question About Sciatica

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms such as burning, tingling and/or numbness area also consistent with sciatica.

Symptoms can occur at any point of the nerve track. Irritation of the nerve can also be a result of pregnancy.In more severe cases, simply walking or bending at the waist can elicit painful symptoms.

Along with an examination and a thorough medical history, additional testing may be required to confirm a diagnosis of Sciatica. MRI, CT, Electromyogram and Radiographs are all examples of tests that may be obtained to further evaluate Sciatica.

What is the treatment for Sciatica?

Based on the results and the severity of your Sciatica, there are many different treatment options. Starting with something as simple as bed rest and stretching exercising with acute Sciatica may relieve symptoms.

However, in more severe cases, medications such as muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, pain relievers and antidepressants or surgery may be indicated.

Whatever your level of pain, you must seek medical attention to ensure that whatever is causing your Sciatic pain is addressed before it starts to affect your daily life. Call 859 - 264- 1141 or make an online appointment today. 

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