Smelly & Sweaty Feet

“Eeeew, Are Those Your Feet?”

If you suffer from smelly and sweaty feet – technically known as bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis – you have no doubt been embarrassed by that question at some point.

Foot Odor Is Treatable!

Our skin is designed to cool the body by sweating, which is just water evaporating and taking some of the heat with it.

When our feet sweat, bacteria and fungi will throw a party in your shoes. They just love that cozy, warm, moist and dark environment.

The key to treatment is keeping feet dry and eliminating any bacteria or fungi that are causing the problems.

In most cases, this is something you can do at home. We recommend trying the following self-treatment steps for a month.

Reduce Foot Odor At Home

  • Wash your feet every morning with an antibacterial soap. Then, dry them thoroughly and apply a foot antiperspirant and deodorant. (Just rinsing them off isn’t good enough!)
  • Apply foot powder to your feet and in between the toes before putting socks and shoes on.
  • Avoid wearing bamboo socks, which will just hold the excessive sweat against your skin.
  • Give your shoes time to dry out by wearing different shoes every other day.
  • Sanitize shoes that you wear frequently. ShoeZap is inexpensive and very effective. It uses UV light to kill bacteria that cause foot odor and fungus.



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Accepted Insurance Providers

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