ACL Injuries and Foot Orthotics

Although an ACL injury is technically a knee problem, studies have shown that custom foot orthotics can reduce the risk of injury. The “anterior cruciate ligament” can tear after a sudden stop or change in direction, which is common in sports like soccer, tennis, football and basketball.

Symptoms include a sudden swelling, pain and feeling of instability. You might also hear or feel like something has popped in your knee.

In 2008, a study of 155 female basketball players was published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association showing athletes who wore foot orthotics during play had a lower rate of ACL injuries. In fact, ACL injuries were seven times more frequent among athletes that did not wear a foot orthotic.

That is because foot orthotics add support to the foot and leg as we run. Our legs naturally rotate inward as the foot flattens, which places added tension on the tendons in the knee. When that motion is stopped suddenly, the tendon can tear or snap. Ouch!

Athletes who have previously torn or injured their ACL should consider being fitted for a custom foot orthotic to minimize the chance of a repeat injury. Women who participate in high-risk sports like basketball and soccer could also benefit from foot orthotics.

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