Toenail Dystrophy

Have you noticed that your nails are changing?

Maybe becoming thick, discolored, lifting, crumbling?

Many believe that any change of the nails is due to a fungus of the nails, but this is not always the case.

Causes of Nail Dystrophy
  • Trauma: poor fitting shoes, running and dropping items on the toes are all common traumatic causes of changes to the nails that can mimic fungal infections
  • Systemic conditions: psoriasis, thyroid dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies
  • Vascular conditions: arterial insufficiency, venous insufficiency, lymphedema

Once there has been damage to a nail plate there may always be an abnormal appearance to the nail.

When trauma occurs to a nail there is commonly permanent damage to the nail matrix, where the new nail cells are produced, and it will continuously grow abnormally.

In some conditions where the nail dystrophy is from a systemic condition or vitamin deficiency, if the condition is better controlled and deficiency reversed, then it may be possible to return the nail to a more normal appearance.

Treatment Options

Once the cause of the nail dystrophy is determined, appropriate treatment can begin. Again, treatment will be based on the cause of the dystrophy, but sometimes the cause can be unknown.

In these situations there are still treatments to help improve the appearance of the nail with the understanding the nail will continue to grow abnormally.

Laser Therapy For Unsightly Nails

Laser therapy can be used to effectively treat unsightly nails because it stimulates nail growth by penetrating the nail matrix and improves the overall appearance of the nail.

Plus, often with trauma to the nail, the nail lifts from the nail bed and it’s the PERFECT opportunity for fungus to take hold. The laser therapy, along with a comprehensive treatment plan that is individualized for your needs and lifestyle, can help to you regain clearer, healthy nails.

Conchita had an issue that is so very common – she had trauma to her toenail years ago and overtime the nail started to pull away from the nail bed.

She developed fungus and has shared her story of how laser treatment has restored her nails to clear and healthy again. See the results for yourself below.

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