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Is there a rock in your shoe, constantly? It might be a neuroma

Is there a rock in your shoe, constantly? It might be a neuroma

Do you feel like you are standing on a pebble even though there is nothing there?  Do you feel the need to often remove your shoes from pain and massage your feet to make them feel better?  Do you have pain, numbness or tingling in your toes?  Then you may have a neuroma. 


A neuroma is a benign growth or thickening of nerve tissue in your foot.  It is caused by irritation, pinching or repeated trauma to a nerve.  The most common area is between your third and fourth toes at the level of the ball of your foot.  It is also common between the second and third toes. 


There are many things that can contribute to developing a neuroma.  Females are five times more likely than males to get it.  (Ladies, you can blame the high heels and tight-fitting shoes!)  People with foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes are also at a higher risk.  Runners and other repetitive sports can cause the irritation necessary to develop it.   

Anti-inflammatories, ice and rest can help if you are having pain from it. A mild neuroma can often be treated with orthotics and sometimes steroid injections.  If it progresses to a chronic problem, there are many surgical options that can help.  We can do a thorough exam and we have a variety of diagnostic tests to confirm.  It is also important so other causes can be ruled out.


Pain is your body telling you to listen, so come see us if needed.  Happy Holidays!

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