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Is your plantar fasciitis getting worse?

Is your plantar fasciitis getting worse?

When most people think of heel pain, including some health professionals, plantar fasciitis is the first thing on their mind. Many times plantar fasciitis is assumed right off the bat, and other options aren’t explored until treatment for it is exhausted. 

But there are many causes of heel pain, and nerve entrapments are important to rule out.  A common nerve entrapment that happens in the vicinity of plantar fasciitis is Baxter’s nerve entrapment (neuritis).  Baxter’s nerve can cause pain and numbness on the inside and under the heel and foot from compression of the nerve.  Baxter’s nerve has branches to the same bone that the plantar fascia originates, which is why the pain seems similar.

Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and it is getting worse, despite treatments?  There could be a different problem.  There are many other causes of heel pain to consider, such as arthritic conditions and stress fractures.

Baxter’s nerve entrapment often is not as painful on your first steps from rest, but gets worse as activity goes on.  We have many clinical tests that can differentiate your cause of heel pain.

Many heel pain conditions will get worse and become chronic, increasing the likelihood of long term debilitation and possible surgery.  The new Kentucky Heel Pain Center is structured to offer diagnostic and treatment models that get to the root of the causes quickly and efficiently.  We offer ultrasound that allows the patient to see what is going on when inflammation is the cause.  Make an appointment and come see us if you have heel pain.  The earlier we see you, the quicker we can get you back to being pain free!

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