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What is HyProCure Surgery for Flat Feet?

What is HyProCure Surgery for Flat Feet?

If you’ve heard the radio ads, HyProCure surgery sounds like a magic fix for flat-footed patients. For many patients the results ARE magical, the before and afters are stunning, and the change in lifestyle is significant.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

There are several diagnoses that work for this type of surgery. HyProCure is a fancy name for a titanium stent that helps to fix malaligned, mostly flat feet.

It comes in 6 sizes and can be performed on children and adults.  The minimally invasive surgery can be done under twilight surgery and patients are usually walking that day.

What Does It Cost?

Insurance used to rarely cover it and now it’s hit or miss. It all depends on your diagnosis and your coverage with your insurance plan.

HyProCure vs Custom Orthotics 

If you ask 100 Podiatric Surgeons, 99 of them are going to tell you to try conservative options FIRST.

Why? Because surgery is surgery, no matter how minimally invasive it is. Surgery is always the last option. However, if you have tried conservative options and they didn’t work for you, then it’s always nice to have another tool in the tool kit to combat flat feet.

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